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Scrum Poker Cards (Agile)


With 500,000+ users, Scrum Poker Cards has become the number one app for Scrum planning sessions!

Why this app? Poker planning is a powerful tool to make faster and more accurate estimations. Most important of all, it is used to make the boring meetings fun again!

This app can be used in scrum poker planning sessions anywhere. Meeting rooms, living rooms, kitchens, trains, ships, under water, outer space, you name it! It includes the numbered, T-Shirt and Risk Planning cards, along with infinity and the coffee cup card.

With the built-in Scrum Baseline, you may always have a baseline for your stories ready at your fingertips for your future voting sessions.

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Board Games VR


Play board games in virtual reality.

This game started as a hobby project of mine to relax and play backgammon. After a while I decided to share this game and its experience with the world... So, enjoy the game and if you happen to have constructive feedback, share it here and watch it happen over time!

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ABC (Home Launcher)


A very fast and simple Home Launcher!
An app drawer for your Android apps. No extra features, no widgets! Only the list of apps!


  • Smooth animation when opening / closing apps
  • Translucent status bar
  • Easy access (long-press) to
    • Favorite apps
    • Application info
    • Find it in the Google Play Store
    • Hide app labels
    • Hide apps without uninstall
    • Uninstall an app
  • Apps sorted alphabetically
  • Right To Left support
  • No dinosaurs


Vista Drive Icon


Changes the drive icons shown in Windows "My Computer", to a nearly Vista drive icon, showing the drive's free space with a smooth gradient colored horizontal bar.

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